Inlingua is one of the world`s leading international organizations exclusively dedicated to the specialized language training. Currently it has 334 language centers in 36 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South Africa. Millions of private clients and employees of large and small companies and institutions have benefited from the inlingua method of language training.

Inlingua Málaga and its new headquarters in Fuengirola and Vélez Málaga are committed to provide the specialized method, means and broad language teaching experience.
inlingua Málaga, y sus nuevas sedes en Fuengirola y Vélez Málaga, pone a su disposición su método, sus recursos y una larga experiencia enseñando idiomas.

Inlingua method and trainers

The key to success of inlingua is its method which is the first of the four elements that shape our successful language teaching together with material, teachers and the application of set of rules. The inlingua Method has more than 40 years of experience and over the years it has adjusted to the market demand, though the basic principles have remained the same.

Firstly, inlingua Method aims at the usage of spoken language, thus the student gets acquainted with the target language from the very beginning. The trainee learns the new language in the atmosphere of trust and in the small groups of children or adults because you learn to speak by speaking.

Ten inlingua training principles

  • Only the target language is used in the lesson
  • The main focus of lessons is on speaking and listening
  • Learn language patterns through examples, not explanations
  • Learners have the opportunity to speak as much as possible
  • Individual learning needs are met in a relaxed atmosphere
  • A positive approach to error correction is adopted
  • Previous knowledge of a topic is checked before presenting new language
  • Feel free to experiment
  • A variety of training techniques are used
  • Books are closed during the presentation and practice stages

Inlingua trainers

Our teachers are trained in the inlingua method to successfully perform the learning process. Not only are the academic skills of teachers taken into consideration but also their human qualities.