The program has been created for all the adults who want to follow a more general language program where all the covered situations (during the classes) are inspired by everyday world.


This program is based on the main inlingua principle: “LEARN TO SPEAK BY SPEAKING” from the first day and: absorb the language in natural way “AS YOU DO IT WITH YOUR MOTHER TONGUE”.

Structural and lexical aspects are combined in various communication activities which make the learning process to be the most effective.

The main principles of the program:

  • To use target language only
  • To combine properly the structure and vocabulary
  • To use communication techniques that allows to work out the rule for yourself
  • To think and create in the target language
  • To lose shyness and acquire independence and natural fluency

The objective is to ensure that the learner is able to achieve the appropriate objective level by putting the emphasis on speaking and listening skills. Our goal is to help the students to achieve the levels established by the Common European Framework: A1, A2, B1, B2…

Intensive course

The learner can chose between taking up the demanded course for one academic year or intensive course covered in half of the time.


Optionally, in the end of the course the student may be examined in our premises for the established fee, through an independent party and certify the reached level.