Learning languages for business is becoming increasingly essential. Therefore inlingua has developed a range of programs dedicated to specific business matters and needs. The courses provide learners to deal with realworld business situations by introducing professional and versatile language practiced in authentic contexts.

This training is accompanied by an online material selected optionally that enables the trainee to study and strengthen both reading and listening skills outside the classroom and which poses a blended learning.

The programs for business contain the APP system. This system (Accelerated Professional Program) is a learning methodology that while programing excludes all the language that is not related to the professional practice. The actual difference is in the vocabulary and contexts that are classified, which leads to attain the desired results more quickly.

This training may be FREE. All the companies contain an annual amount on behalf of the national insurance provider for employee training. This amount should be annually used, otherwise it is lost. The amount available is established by law every year and depends on the size and characteristics of the company according to Royal Legislative Decree 395/2007 and Order TAS / 2307/2007.

Besides inlingua offers a number of specific programs for companies such as:

Negotiations: The program is designed to develop skills required to conduct negotiations in English, useful for professionals who are required to perform tasks such as carrying out agreements or making offers and proposals.

Meetings: The program helps you to improve the speaking skills while taking part in international meetings, thus you acquire special knowledge such as how to express critical opinion, structure a meeting, participate in debates, draw conclusions etc.

Bussiness Correspondence: Programa para fomentar los conocimientos para enviar y responder correo postal o electrónico realizando peticiones de información , confirmaciones de acuerdos por escrito, etc.

Finance: Formación específica sobre finanzas, teniendo un enfoque léxico destinado a formar al alumno en el vocabulario y expresiones propias de un entorno de trabajo financiero.

Bussiness Correspondence:

The program helps to promote the knowledge on how to send and respond the mail or email carrying out requests for information, verifications of written agreements, etc.


Specific training on finance, taking a lexical approach which is focused on shaping the learner´s vocabulary and expressions characteristic to work in the field of finance.


The program designed to be able to effectively communicate by telephone, having conversations in the professional environment.

Real Estate:

The program designed to acquire highly specific knowledge within the real estate industry to be able to negotiate, provide information, deal with figures, make purchases – sales, etc.

Human Resources:

Program focused on managing the selection and organization of staff, with a special emphasis on human relations, recruitment and interview processes.


The program helps to improve capabilities while socializing with different cultures, with special emphasis on oral skills and socio-pragmatic knowledge.

Travel & Tourism:

The program designed for training the vocabulary and necessary expressions necessary to carry out travel arrangements.

As a complement we also offer customized training services where we provide companies with our methodology for the development of specific programs.