Children and Teen Programs are designed to be entertaining and fun.



DOTS first English is a program designed for children age 3 to 6.

The program encourages the process of fast and effective learning while having fun. Children enjoy the activities applied accordingly to their age with materials like dolls, murals or images.

It is based on cognitive development and the needs of children. Pupils learn the language by participating in activities appropriate to their age: singing, acting, reciting, interacting to the material and other classmates. In this way of learning the child takes a very active part in the discovery of language.

The program aims the child would gradually:

  • Understand the message conveyed in the oral texts (songs, instruction, directions, errands).
  • Useverbal andnonverbalresourcesto interpreta message
  • Actively participate in common linguistic interactions
  • Show interest and curiosity in the foreign language
  • Get to know how to recognize linguistic diversity

The method covers different areas of child development: affective emotions, intellect, motor and relationship, ensuring the learning process is faster and more effective than other methods.