The Program is focused on the children from 7 to 11 years old.


The child can attend the program when he has developed his reading and writing skills. It is designed for the language acquisition in the primary stage, internationally recognized for its effectiveness, adaptability, flexible and innovative methodology.

The method not only develops the oral abilities but also other linguistic skills and grammatical language aspects. It is a comprehensive course ranging from beginner to intermediate level.

The levels include the process of learning and memorizing that enables the learner a particular level of spontaneous communication.

One of our aims is to achieve communication in every language without any translation, so that the learner would naturally assimilate the knowledge, like in his mother tongue.

Once covered the itinerary of training courses the students will obtain a level of language according to the Common European Framework levels B1 and B2.


The program is focused on teenagers from 11 years old.

It is designed for the language acquisition in the secondary stage, keeping the same principles like in Junior Program.

As an option, the student will be able to take a Trinity College London examination as much as a Cambridge ESOL examination to certify his level.